Pool Backrooms

https://youtu.be/ZCXrrAaXdhM The video. If you get stuck in the Pool Backrooms – try relax; zone out and let the underwater ambience and duk duk duk sounds wash over/overwhelm you, and let your host; a Zodiac Baracuda Pacer, take you on a magical guided tour of the pool’s caustics.Mike Scott Direct link to vid in case…… Continue reading Pool Backrooms

Bru & Boegie – Chutney

https://youtu.be/1bBI55qtQ8k Here is a thing I made the other day (direct link: https://youtu.be/1bBI55qtQ8k ). I was watching a YouTube video where Irish people try South African food and snacks. They got offered ‘Mrs. Balls Chutney’ which is a staple here, but they were like ‘what kind of name is that?’ and then I realised what…… Continue reading Bru & Boegie – Chutney

2Pac-Man – California

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dP0opX9W_g Hello friends. About 2/3 years ago in 2017 or 2018 or something, I was looking to do another Pac-Man vid for my YouTube channel to try and capture some of the magic of my other Pac-Man vid that’s got like 28 million views or something. My buddy James Wolfaardt suggested 2Pac-Man – it’s like…… Continue reading 2Pac-Man – California

909POP – XOOX [Album Visualiser]

https://youtu.be/KViNRx8vJV0 I made a visualiser for my album. Nice. So, I made a track-by-track visualiser for the one and only album I’ve produced under my alias 909POP. The YouTube video should embed above at the top of the post. I hope you enjoy it. Bye. https://linktr.ee/909POP

David Scott – Aurora

https://youtu.be/VTRvhyPbkWM Pleased to bring you a very special thang – my brother David Scott, besides making music under The Kiffness, also makes tjoons under his own name. I really dig his David Scott work. A while ago, he made this rad tune ‘Aurora’ while he was doing his European trip with his wife. It was…… Continue reading David Scott – Aurora

Beginning 2021

Here’s the latest single design I drew for Goldfish’s new track ‘Everything is Changing’. Happy New Year. Stay safe and remember what’s important: your health.