Moosebox Character and Environment Style Guides

Hey guys!

So, on Saturday I talked at the A.MAZE Festival in Johannesburg about ‘8bit inspiration: how an early love of videogames helped kickstart my animation career.’ It was a great time, my talk went down really well (I think), I got to meet LANK cool game devs and I’m super keen to move more into that space. Here’s a pic by Ben Myers:


One section of the talk covered my ‘Moosebox‘ pilot and I showed some behind-the-scenes stuff of it. (I may post my talk online fairly soon). Anyways, Moosebox got lank interest as you can imagine – it’s half a videogame, half a cartoon. So, I decided to share with you the Moosebox Character and Environment style guide I put together during pilot production back in 2013:

Moosebox Character Style Guide:

Moosebox Character Style Guide by Mike Harambe on Scribd

Moosebox Environment Style Guide:

Moosebox Environment Style Guide by Mike Harambe on Scribd

Here’s the Moosebox pilot if you haven’t seen it:

MooseBox from Nickelodeon International on Vimeo.